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From the beginning we have been asking for learner feedback, and it's come, in many forms, using many nouns, adverbs and adjectives. The most common refrain has been this "I love it", which prompted us to create this wall of testimonials and comments to motivate others to join us and ourselves to keep working even harder to make the School the very best it can be.

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“I LOVED the workshops and check-ins! It was super engaging and inspiring and left me with so much energy. There was a perfect balance between self study and group activities!”

Rania Hashim


“School of humanity must have been the first place where, in literally every workshop, I could take something and relate to my real life. There is no such thing in regular schools where we usually don’t see the purpose of what we’re doing.”

Sophia Nascimento Silva


“The community at the school welcomed me and I felt I belonged instantly, it was perfect and met so many new friends from across the world. It felt like I can connect with people better and learn in a better way.”

Abdullah Obeidat


“I enjoyed the approach that the School of Humanity took towards teaching and communication much more than traditional school. At the School of Humanity, I actually got the feeling that I was learning the necessary skills needed for the real world and also got the chance to work on real world problems.”

Srimayi Vinod


“I could never relate to my traditional school and they confined me to a particular level and it gets frustrating for a learner who gets bored easily. I'd obviously want to be in a place where my learning needs are recognized and catered the way School of Humanity does.”

Siva Nanda Rajesh


“The differential of SoH live sessions is that they are not boring classes like traditional schools. At SoH you are able to interact with your colleagues during breakout rooms, and learn new things in practice.”

Vinicius Matheus da Costa


"The sessions during the program are like no other. With School of Humanity, I could develop my critical thinking and creativity during the workshops. It is very engaging and allows us to work in groups, different from traditional schools."

Maria Eduarda Lima Souza


“I really enjoyed learning new skills and making new friends. I made friends from around the world, my main ones from Egypt, Brazil and Jordan. The community was very welcoming and kind.”

Makayla Robillard


"My experience with the education team at the school of humanity has been nothing but phenomenal. They have all helped me so much in my learning experience and gave me plenty of resources to improve and utilize in my day to day activities."

Jana Eissa


“I loved the model, mainly because I am able to learn in a different way. In other schools and summers programs usually we just listen to someone talking and later we do some project. However, in School of Humanity it was not like that. I was able to learn before, in the sessions and after them; talk and do a lot of activities in the workshops and learn so many skills that I will use in different fields of my life.”

Caroline Lima Rech


"The sessions had creative and brainstorming activities that got me in the mood to focus. The live sessions also taught us important skills such as root-cause analysis and systems thinking which are applicable in any field of knowledge."

Noor El Din


"The community at School of Humanity was very supportive and motivating. They always encourage you to do things, listen to your story and provide advice and constructive feedback.

Faris Saadaat


“I loved the live sessions. They were very interactive, fun and well though-out. I loved the idea of teaching, researching and making projects for our selves.”

Lukas Robillard


“The fact that we could all interact, share our own realities of life with pleasure and relate every conversation to our life is exceptional and that made the difference between School of Humanity and traditional schools. Also, the introduction of mentors and industry experts accelerated our learning as we were able to ask any questions and expand our learning significantly.”

Peace Timothy


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