The High School for the World

Our online High School is defined by innovative features that ensure purpose-driven, social, and collaborative learning.

Real-world Learning

Learning through projects and micro-internships.

Licensed High School

We are a licensed American online high school, on the path to international accreditation.

Inspiring Curriculum

Developing knowledge, skills and mindsets for future-readiness.

Designed for Flourishing

Helping learners find their meaning and purpose in life.

Personalized Guidance

1-1 sessions with facilitators, industry mentors, and advisors.

Flexible Schedules

4-day school week, with a balance of live and self-paced learning.

The Best of Both Worlds

Learning Hubs are physical spaces and campuses globally where School of Humanity learners can come together for co-learning, guidance from on-site facilitators, and in-person workshops.

Learners get access to:

  • an in-person community with an opportunity for socialization.
  • inspiring experiences including workshops, masterclasses, and excursions.
  • access to on-site School of Humanity-trained educators and mentors.
  • learning tools and facilities.

Supporting innovators launch their own
learning hubs

School of Humanity

At School of Humanity, we empower our hub founders with onboarding, ongoing training, and professional development, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to lead a successful learning hub.

In addition to providing a robust curriculum for engaging in-person workshops, we’ve built a vibrant community where best practices can be shared. We manage the admissions process for our online high school and actively support local hubs with marketing initiatives and market validation.

Hub Founders

Hub founders are the heart of our local learning communities, leading on-site venues with a strong commitment to child safeguarding standards. They provide skilled learning facilitators and tap into local community resources to enrich the educational experience.

Moreover, our hub founders play a vital role in growing and marketing their local hubs, all while maintaining strict adherence to local regulations and licensing. Together, we cultivate a safe and vibrant learning environment.

Founders also receive a fair revenue-stream to ensure sustainable growth.

Journey with us

Our hub founders share our vision and mission for the future of education.

If you would like to continue the conversation about bringing a learning hub to
your city, please get in touch with us.