Meet our Founder

Raya Bidshahri is an award-winning entrepreneur
and educator.

In 2019, she was been featured by the BBC as one of the 100 most influential and inspiring women globally. She was the main award winner for the Next Generation Foresight Practioner’s Award, organized by the School of International Futures and supported by the Omidyar network. The awards recognize those whose leadership efforts shape the future and improve lives.

Raya’s professional experiences include collaborating with governments and education providers to ideate and execute revolutionary education models for the 21st-century world. She sits on the advisory board of multiple EdTech companies.

She has spoken at more than 60 conferences in 12 countries, including G20/Y20 Summit, Expo 2020, EduTech Singapore and many more.

She completed her degree in Neuroscience at Boston University, after which she decided to pursue her mission of reimagining education.

Message from our Founder

To learners and parents,
When we set out to build the High School for the
world we sought to create a learning experience
that learners from across the planet would
genuinely love, parents would distinctly value, top universities would prioritize and future employers would fully appreciate. They and you are at the center of our equation.

The common profile of our learners and their
supportive families includes attributes
of curiosity and compassion, a motivation
of purpose over grades, and a desire to lead
and contribute to the world at large.
Parents want their children to be able
to explore and create while establishing a solid foundation in the traditional core subjects. Both learners and parents care deeply about our global context, and the learner’s ability to make friends while connecting with other cultures
and ethnicities.

Our innovative learning model focuses
on our learners’ future readiness and equips
them with the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to thrive in an accelerating world. We combine interdisciplinary learning journeys built around modern topics and real-world challenges. Each program involves hands on workshops, industry mentorships, and interactive, online learning activities with
flexible scheduling and ample time for self reflection and learning capture.

We intentionally designed our model
to focus on flourishing, well-being, and happiness. We’ve created a learning experience that enables young minds globally to find their purpose in life while creating an exciting future for themselves and our species.

Founder & Principal

Led by a Global team

From innovators and thinkers to creators and dreamers, our team’s unique blend of expertise and passion drives our mission forward.