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An online-first high school with an interdisciplinary curriculum and progressive learning model.

An inspiring experience that equips you with the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors needed to flourish in and contribute to the world.


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Education designed for today's world

The pace of global change is intensifying and traditional High School education cannot keep up. Millions of learners are disengaged and unprepared for the future.

School of Humanity is designed to solve that problem.

We have created a High School where learning
is an inspiring journey of bettering yourself and the world. Our model equips you with the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors needed to flourish and contribute to human progress.

You'll graduate with:

Key Collaborators

We work with global leaders in the development, accreditation and assessment of progressive education models.

on the path to international accreditation by Cognia

transcript accepted by universities

network of leading schools that are reinventing education

Engage, your way

Full-time High School

For learners looking for alternatives to traditional high schools

After School

For learners looking to augment their traditional high school experience

Summer School

For learners looking for a meaningful and productive summer experience

Gap Year

For high school graduates looking to grow prior to university or employment

Our learners are contributing to human progress

Abdullah is applying financial literacy to crypto wallets

Sophia is using robotics to produce oxygen on Mars

Makayla is creating policy recommendations to improve mental health

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Collaborate with passionate humans

Enrolling in our programs means embarking on a meaningful, inspiring, and relevant educational path while making friends from around the world!

Reimagining the High School experience

We are an online-first school like no other.
We've reimagined the learning experience to better prepare you for the future.

Traditional High School Programs

School of Humanity Programs

A curriculum
designed for you

We don't believe in rigid courses and spoon-feeding information. Our learning paths are guided personalized interdisciplinary experiences. Instead of subjects or courses, learners participate in a variety of learning paths.

Challenge Paths

Meet learning outcomes by developing entrepreneurial, technological, and/or creative solutions to real-world challenges.

Skill Paths

Develop a range of "hard" and "soft" skills to prepare for the jobs of the future.

Career Paths

Learn by experience a job or industry of the future through internships and industry challenges.

Our Wall of Love

We love what we do, and we believe you should too.


with the option of hybrid for some big city dwellers.

A hybrid learning model (online-first with access to cool co-learning spaces) for all programs will soon be available in most major global cities.

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