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A breakthrough online high school reinventing education.

Instead of exams, we learn through real-world projects. Instead of a standardized curriculum, we learn through personalized learning journeys. Instead of memorization, we focus on developing our skills, network, and portfolios.


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The world needs a new education system.

School of Humanity reimagines how and what we learn in order to equip the next generation to create an exciting future for themselves and for humanity.

Our unique curriculum equips learners with the capabilities to thrive in an exponentially changing world. We learn by tackling global challenges while receiving personalized mentorship from industry experts.

Our learners participate in termly internships with pioneering organizations. Human Flourishing sits at the core of our curriculum, as we guide learners to develop purpose and well-being in life.

Learners also receive purpose-driven career and university advisory on a weekly basis.

Our approach

We reimagine schooling to enable the next generation to create an exciting future for themselves, and for humanity.


Choose your own mission through a variety of learning journeys that are personalized to you.

Interdisciplinary curriculum

Tackle global challenges through the lens of multiple disciplines and develop future-ready skills in the process.


Progress through the curriculum based on ability, not age. Move at a pace that works best for you.


Combination of live workshops and self-paced learning provides you with balance and time for creative flow.

Global recognition

We work with global leaders in the development, accreditation and assessment of progressive education models.


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You'll graduate with:

Choose your own mission

Everyone's journey is different. This is why at School of Humanity, you will have lots of options for how you can meet learning outcomes.

Every term, you will embark on a different Challenge that becomes ultimately personalized to you. Over the course of the term, you will learn by tackling a real-world Challenge.

Imagine learning math by designing space habitats, learning biology through nature-inspired design or developing literary skills by exploring activism through art.

This is how we learn at School of Humanity - through projects and real-world Challenges.

Our learners are contributing
to human progress

Our learners develop their skills, portfolio and networks by tackling local and global Challenges.

We’re looking for seekers, change-
makers, and pioneers

We seek innovative, motivated learners on an inspiring journey of bettering themselves and the world. If you find that you possess the following, we would love to hear from you:



Learners globally love our approach

We've designed a learning model where learning is incentivized by a desire to better oneself, and better the world.

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Make friends from around the world

Enrolling in our programs means embarking on a meaningful, inspiring, and relevant educational path while collaborating with passionate humans.

Reimagining the High School experience

We're a school like no other. Online, or hybrid, we reimagine the learning experience to better prepare you for the future.

Traditional High School

School of Humanity

Meaningful journey into the future

We offer bespoke Pathway Advisory and guidance to all learners, regardless of their journey onwards.

Here is how we support our learners on their chosen paths:

Traditional Universities

by ensuring curriculum benchmarking and recognized transcripts. We also offer learners the option to “convert” their transcript into a GPA transcript or take Advanced Placement exams.

Progressive Universities

through Mastery Transcript and a portfolio of projects as proof of interdisciplinary learning, accompanied by partnerships with progressive universities and institutions.

Direct to

by developing a robust portfolio of past projects and internship experiences alongside a strong personal brand, professional network and meaningful life skills.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

by developing entrepreneurial experiences throughout high school through challenge-based learning, and networking opportunities with leading founders and industry experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is fully online – which means that learners can apply from anywhere in the world! We organize cohorts by time zone to ensure accessibility during live sessions. Please note, you have to be fluent in english in order to participate.

Yes! Our four year High School program is a full alternative to traditional schools. It’s designed for learners that are dissatisfied with the existing education system and are looking for an exciting alternative.

Our program is fully online. However, we are working on hybrid programs in select cities so watch this space.

Yes, we do offer a select number of seats every year with financial aid. Prospective learners can indicate their needs for financial aid when applying for the program.

Learners can also apply for the pioneer scholarship. Learn more about the scholarship here.

Our programs are designed for learners between the ages of 14 and 18.  We are currently welcoming applicants between the ages of 13 and 15. Though we make exceptions for younger gifted learners. Learners older than 14 are also welcome to apply.

We are registered as a school with the Department of Education in Florida, and our graduates would earn an American high school diploma. We also adopt the Mastery Transcript which is increasingly recognized by universities. 

You can learn more about our approach here and our curriculum here

We run live sessions/workshops at multiple time zones. You can indicate your interest in specific timings when applying in our program.

This is a full-time program, meaning learners are expected to commit a minimum of 30 hours a week to the program.

Learners do not need to have any pre-requisite knowledge in the paths they picked. However, this is a high-school level program – which means you have to have a minimum of 9th-grade equivalency in numeracy, English and science to participate.

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