An online high school like no other.

A school where learners develop future fluencies by solving global challenges. 

Our programs equip the next generation with the skills and mindsets required to accelerate human progress. 

What we do

School of The Future

An online high school with an innovative model and cutting-edge curriculum. 


Our teaching and learning models are interactive, challenge-based, and student-led.


Learners develop future skills through a fully interdisciplinary and future-focused curriculum.


The option of learning from any of our co-learning spaces around the world.

Our Mission

Reinventing Education

Our mission is to reinvent high schools in order to better serve humanity. 

We ideate and execute education models that make learning inspiring and better prepare youth for the future.

We use education as a tool to tackle the root causes of global issues.

Reimagining Education

How Are We Different?

Traditional Schools

$ 39
  • Young minds are told what to learn
  • Learning incentivized by exams
  • Rigid schedules determined by school
  • Learning is boxed into isolated subjects
  • Emphasis on rote-memorization
  • Standardized exams & curriculum
  • Traditional report cards
  • Learners progress based on age

School of Humanity

$ 39
  • Learning is guided by learner interest
  • Learning incentivized by curiosity
  • Flexible schedules, with time for flow
  • Fully interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Emphasis on skills and mindsets
  • Personalized evaluations & learning plans
  • Mastery Transcript with skills & portfolio
  • Progress based on ability, not age


What Our Families Are Saying

"IT’S AMAZING!!!! Really interactive, engaging and I could go on forever about why the sessions were really awesome! My experience with the facilitators was great. They are all super nice, provided lots of insight, information and recommendations, and overall fab."
“I truly believe this kind of education model is both in tune with the present reality and absolutely future focussed. As a parent, I feel the pathways and pedagogy are refreshing and exciting. I look forward to the model being mainstream.”
"The School of Humanity has expanded my thinking and how I see the world. The structure of the workshops are great and the industry experts are very knowledgeable. I love that it goes beyond traditional curriculum and broadens our horizons."

Challenge Paths

Learn by developing solutions to local and global challenges.

Skill Paths

Develop future literacies and powerful mindsets through interactive projects.

Career Paths

Experience jobs of the future through guided internships with leading organizations.

How it Works

Learning Paths

Instead of courses or subjects, learners embark on interdisciplinary learning paths with their mentors and peers every 6 weeks. 

These guided learning paths are customized to the learner and driven by their curiosity. 

The Learning Experience

Interdisciplinary Paths

Throughout the guided learning paths, learners participate in workshops, mentorship sessions, and active learning experiences. They develop their skills, network, and portfolio in the process.

Here is a glimpse into some of the learning paths we offer:

Food Security

Challenge Path

Art with A.I

Skill Path

Systems Thinking & Change

Skill Path

Future of Money

Challenge Path

Designing Space Settlements

Challenge Path

Self-Knowledge &

Skill Path


Career Path

Big Data

Career Path

What We do

Human Flourishing

At the School of Humanity, we learn to:

  • Develop inner talent and creativity
  • Find meaning and purpose
  • Expand our circle of concern
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships
  • Develop moral intuition
  • Practice humanitarianism
  • Be present and mindful

The Learning Experience

Remote Learning
Done Right




Blended Model

Global Co-learning Spaces

Our model is fully online. As an option, learners can choose to learn from co-learning spaces in select cities around the world.

Available from Fall 2021. 

Dubai, UAE

New York, US

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Capetown, South Africa

Our Programs

Online High School

Full-time & part-time programs available to learners globally.

Applications Open: Fall 2021

After School

For learners looking to augment their traditional school experience.

Applications Open

Online Summer School

Experience our cutting-edge programs and develop future fluencies.

Applications are open for our summer school.

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