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It's all about balance

Becoming future-ready requires a balanced approach, combining live sessions, shared projects, self-paced learning and making friends.

Combination of social
& self-paced learning

We bring together a range of formats, from live small group workshops and 1:1 mentor sessions to self-paced multi-media learning modules and solo time for introspection and contemplation.

During our full-time programs, there are 3 hours of live sessions every day, 4 days a week, leaving time for your creative flow and self-paced learning.

The balance is designed to both motivate and challenge you while giving you time to reset and really connect with the knowledge and understanding you're gaining about yourself, the world, and your life ahead.

Engaging schedules

While actual weeks are impacted by the program format, the following will give you a sense of what "being at school" feels like for a learner enrolled into our full-time High School program.


Live Workshops

Interactive workshops & live sessions in every learning path. These workshops consist of group activities, discussions, games & collaborative exercises that are both fun and challenging.


Interactive Learning Modules

Our self-paced interactive modules allow you to learn actively through multimedia content, complemented by activities and projects.


Flourishing Activities

Daily activities on self-discovery, purpose-building, mindfulness, life skills, and other tools to enable your self-actualization.


Pathway Advisory

Our weekly advisory sessions guide learners for career and university preparation for life after School of Humanity.


Mentorship Sessions

Learning is a group effort. That's why our Mentors are so key to the School of Humanity experience. You'll get ongoing guidance and empowerment from global leaders and from a faculty of industry experts and inspiring educators.


Community Meetups & Socials

We organize regular in-person community meet-ups with learners from the same city and annual gatherings for the entire cohort.

A global community, vibrant
social life and great friends

From scavenger hunts on our virtual spaceship to meaningful conversations about the things that are holding us back, we design ample opportunities for our learners to build deep, profound, and significant bonds with each other.

Whether it be in our hybrid worldwide locations or in our virtual hallways, you'll get to make friends from around the world - from a variety of countries, socio-economic backgrounds, races, and cultures. These friendships likely last a lifetime.

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Dedicated days
for flow

Our programs are rigorous - yet, flexible.

We follow a four-day week for live sessions, allowing you to have a day of dedicated focus and creative flow.

This combination of both synchronous and asynchronous learning enables learners to tap into flow states while continuing global collaborations.

A week in the life: Sample schedules

During our High School program, learners participate in engaging live sessions and rigorous projects.

Our certificate-bearing five-week Summer School is open to qualified learners between the ages of 13 - 18 from around the world.

Frequently asked questions
about weekly schedules

Depends on the cohort! Considering that we have learners participating from many different countries, we do our best to organize cohorts by time zone and usually have at least three parallel cohorts across three different time zones. Learners can indicate their time zone when applying to our program.

Absolutely! Our workshops and live sessions are highly interactive, with lots of group activities, exercises, and discussions. We also host a lot of game and social nights – as well as in-person meet ups at our co-learning spaces.

Absolutely not. There are three hours of live sessions every day, four days a week – leaving time for creative flow and self-paced learning. All of our live sessions are also highly interactive and social experiences.

We got you! Learners receive 1:1 support anytime they need it during the program – whether it’s from a learning facilitator or industry mentor. We also organize weekly one-on-one check-ins with all learners every week and ensure you receive regular feedback on your work.

You can indicate your interest in Learning Hub when applying for our programs. Learners also have the option to participate from Learning Hubs in select cities globally at an additional fee.

These spaces provide an optional opportunity for learners to socialize with other learners, with adult supervision and on-site learning support – as well as providing equitable access to wifi and resources. Learn more about our Dubai Learning Hub here.

Depends on the program! Our High School demands a minimum of 30+ hours a week of commitment. Our Summer School requires a minimum of 18+ hours a week of commitment.

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