Creating the High School of humanity, for humanity

All of our programs are designed to be accessible both physically (from anywhere in the world) and financially, for learners from every background.

Our tuition structure is significantly lower than other comparable private high school programs and is further enhanced by the availability of financial aid for eligible families.

We are committed to equity

Please don't let affordability stop you from applying to our programs. We have a history of offering financial aid to learners from all around the world.

Learners can choose to apply for financial aid as they submit their applications to our programs.

Learners can request whether they require full or partial tuition support. Partial tuition support would allow families to pay a portion of our tuition, aligned with what works best for them.

Tuition per Program

There are three ways in which you can join School of Humanity. We offer flexible installments and financial aid for all of our programs.

Click on the program you are interested in.

Paid annually


$4,000 per year

Paid monthly


$5,000 per year

Hybrid program add-on fee
* Optional, in select cities


in addition to tuition

Paid upfront


for every 6 month learning cycle

Paid monthly


$1,800 total

Access to co-learning spaces
* optional


in addition to tuition

Paid upfront


Paid in installments


Access to co-learning spaces
* optional


in addition to tuition

Frequently asked questions

Yes, learners who are accepted into our program can request flexible payment plans.

We offer partial and full financial aid to a number of learners every year. We encourage you to apply for financial aid if you can’t afford our program. We do our best to make sure our programs are as accessible as possible.

Our model is fully online. However, learners get access to co-learning spaces in select cities at an additional fee of $150/month. Here, they can receive support and supervision from on-site educators. Participation in co-learning spaces is optional.

Learners can indicate their need for financial aid when applying to a program. We have a verification process after the learner is accepted in order to ensure financial need. Please note, applying to our program does not guarantee access to financial aid.

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