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Our ability to prepare learners for their future and the future of the world is directly tied to the team we have assembled, their passion, their abilities and their expertise. We come from many vocations, as educators, innovators, analysts and technologists. We are of many ages, of many backgrounds and many countries.

While our differences are many, our intentions are the same: to do all we can to create the High School for the world, and in doing so help learners around the world, create lives of meaning, satisfaction and consequence.

Meet the team

The growing School of Humanity team is comprised of adept facilitators, compassionate mentors, passionate administrators, committed partners, and a multitude of other individuals and organizations around the world.

Raya Bidshahri

Founder & CEO

Raya is an award-winning educator and serial entrepreneur. She has been featured by the BBC as one of the most influential and inspiring women globally for her work in the alternative education space. She has years of experience designing, leading, facilitating and scaling educational programs for private and public organizations.

Chris Colbert

Chief Growth Officer

Chris served as Managing Director of Harvard Innovation Labs until 2019 when he left to become an international speaker on the essential intersection between human understanding and next-generation technologies. After leading a bold revamp of Scholastic’s publishing business, he departed in 2014 to explore the world of education and technology-enabled learning systems.

Kata Csuba

Head of Flourishing & Inclusion

Kata is an educator with over 15 years of experience. She is an internationally certified yoga and mindfulness instructor for over ten years. She previously worked as a language teacher and SEND Coordinator at the British Council Madrid, where she lead in developing inclusive practices, trained fellow educators. Kata is often a facilitator and industry mentor during our programs.

Claire Evans

Chief Learning Officer

Claire has nearly 20 years of experience working in education in multiple countries and in various roles, including traditional classroom teacher, teacher trainer, and learning experience designer. She is the founder of YoInvento, an invention education program based in Chile and also co-founded the Academia Icúbico, an online academy offering STE(A)M related courses to school students in Chile.

Stephen Rawson

Chief Finance & Strategy Officer

Stephen is a strategy consultant at Oliver Wyman and advisor to multiple startups. He has previously worked at Goldman Sachs, Lazard, and PwC. Stephen is an expert in data analytics & M.L/A.I and an expert research contributor to the Dubai Future Foundation. He has experience as an industry mentor and facilitator in educating youth on technology, financial literacy, and beyond.

Ashna Mahtani

Learning Architect

Ashna has expansive experience working with multiple EdTech startups as a curriculum developer, outreach manager and an educational consultant. While completing her bachelors degree in education, she conducted and published research on alternative teaching and learning models in formal education.

David Lavina

Program Coordinator

David has a bachelor’s degree in information technology and expansive experience in supporting startups and companies around the world in operations and administration. As program coordinator, David oversees the application and on-boarding process during our programs. He also supports the team on operations globally.

Katerina Bohle

Learning Facilitator

Katerina has over a decade of experience as an educator in higher ed. Her background is in informal learning, and social network analysis. Outside the classroom, Katerina writes about communities and learning. In 2020, she co-founded Human-Matter labs, a space to explore how behavioral science and technology can be combined to help people live better lives.

Alphonse Devasia

Learning Facilitator

Alphonse is a post-graduate engineer, educator and curriculum developer. He is an educational design consultant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he designs curriculum around A.I literacy and computational thinking. He has also served as an associate of instructional design at Bridge academies and a fellow for Teach for India.

Ayesha Farhan

Learning Facilitator

Ayesha is an engineer, developer, designer solutions architect, and experienced workshop facilitator. She works with tech labs, such as The Assembly, to develop and deliver project based workshops involving cutting edge technology like leap motion, projection mapping, CNC plotting, 3D printing and virtual reality. She leverages her prototyping experience to enable learners to design their own solutions to challenges.

Saasha Gulamani

Learning Facilitator

Saasha has been a facilitator for over 5 years for numerous youth-based camps in the United Arab Emirates and was heavily involved in organizing and implementing hackathons, debates, and robotics competitions. She studies international development, social entrepreneurship and south asian studies – and leads multiple social impact projects in Dubai, rural Africa and India especially around empowering women.

Behshid Behrouzi

Learning Facilitator & Industry Mentor

Behshid is a Civil Engineer with industry experience in energy, finance, data analysis, and logistics. She is passionate about environmental sustainability, human-centered design, social impact and innovation. She began her educational reform journey with her TEDx talk in 2010, titled “What If We Obliterated Standardized Testing?”. Behshid has been an active member of Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) since 2016 and currently serves as a mentor.

Andrew Dunn

Industry Mentor

Andrew is a technology ethicist, serial entrepreneur and technology wellness advisor. He serves as a student and teacher at the intersection of humane technology, education and personal development. He holds ten years of early stage startup operations experience, with five years of cultivating deep expertise and community in designing technology that is aligned with our wellbeing.

Paul Epping

Industry Mentor

Paul is a futurist, innovation coach and medical technologist. He was a principal consultant at Philips healthcare. He is the chairman and co-founder Xponential and as Supervisory Board Member of several companies. He has worked in multiple countries and cultures for a diversified group of public organizations and private-held companies, mainly within the healthcare, construction, finance, and education sectors.

Tarik Kaddoumi

Industry Mentor

Tarik is a serial entrepreneur, cryptocurrency advisor and educator. More recently, he served as a science and technology researcher at the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Center. He also oversaw marketing, social analytics and outreach at Google and has been a blockchain advisor at Umbrellab. His areas of expertise include astrophysics, robotics, cyber-security, consumer psychology, macroeconomics, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Scott Barry Kauffman

Advisory Council

Scott Barry Kaufman is a cognitive scientist, best-selling author and humanistic psychologist exploring the mind, creativity, and the depths of human potential. He is an Honorary Principal Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Wellbeing Science. He is the founder of the the Center for the Science of Human Potential, an organization that uses science to help each person fulfill their highest potential and contribute to the good of society.

Zoe Weil

Advisory Council

Zoe Weil is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education, where she created the first graduate programs in comprehensive Humane Education, linking human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal protection, and offered online through an affiliation with Antioch University. She is the author of seven books including The World Becomes What We Teach and Nautilus silver medal winner Most Good, Least Harm.

Majid Al Shamsi

Advisory Council

Majid Al Shamsi was appointed Director of Higher Education Business Development Division within the Higher Education Sector at Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge. Majid is the project lead and founder of project 42 Abu Dhabi, the first coding school of its kind in the region. He is also part of the team that founded the first virtual school in Abu Dhabi that aimed to support 500 underprivileged students.

Jennifer Jones

Advisory Council

Dr. Jennifer Jones is the founder and visionary behind New York City’s Green Ivy Schools network and a lifelong entrepreneur and advocate for evolved learning experiences for children from birth to high school and beyond. She has developed 24 schools and draws from a rich background as a school developer, international policy consultant, and teacher. She has advised boards and governments at regional, state, national, and international levels.

Corinne Vigreux

Advisory Council

At the heart of tech for over three decades, Corinne Vigreux is one of the co-founders of TomTom, the inventor of personal navigation devices. She founded CODAM, a non-profit coding school with a world-class curriculum to empower the next generation of tech talent. Voted as one of the top 50 most inspirational women in European tech, Corinne champions women in the workforce and passionately advocates for improved social mobility through education.

Our values

We always do what we say we are going to do, with and for each other

We approach all interactions and activities from a place of love

We are open to learning and new ways of thinking and doing

We are humble and overcome ego

We are truthful and well-reasoned, especially when it is hard

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