our purpose

Creating the High School of humanity, for humanity

Why we exist

The future of humanity depends on how well we prepare future generations to be active stewards and engaged, caring citizens.

These intentions are largely ignored by traditional education.

School of Humanity exists to deliver those outcomes and to serve as a role model for other institutions realizing their greater responsibility for human progress.

our purpose

Our purpose is to deliver globally accessible, mind-expanding, enriching high school experiences that learners love, from which they graduate ready to realize their full potential and contribute to global progress.

our vision

Our vision is to be the standard-bearer for outcome-based and interdisciplinary education models that enable learners to live meaningful lives while contributing to global human progress.

Strategic partner & member school of EiM Global

School of Humanity is proud to be a strategic partner and member school of Education in Motion (EiM Global).

EiM is a global leader in pioneering education for a sustainable future. Today, EiM’s portfolio includes Green School International, Dulwich College International, Dulwich International High School, Dehong ®, Hochalpines Institut Ftan AG, Wo Hui Mandarin, and EiM Ventures; together, they are inspiring a learning community of more than 11,000-strong.

Bringing the world together
in a meaningful way

Enrolling in any of our programs means embarking on a meaningful, inspiring,
and relevant educational path - while making friends from around the world!

Informed by global leaders

Our curriculum and approach are informed by evidence-based practices and expert views on the future of education. Explore the following resources to gain deeper insights into our underlying philosophy. Click on the images to learn more.

Meet the humans making this possible

Our ability to prepare learners for their future and the future of the world is directly tied to the people we have assembled, their passion, their abilities and their expertise. We come from many vocations, as educators, innovators, analysts and technologists.

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