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Our unique curriculum is informed by the most in-demand skills in the emerging workforce, the catalysts for a meaningful life, and the requirements for human progress.

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We haven't just reimagined how you learn, but also what you learn.

All of our programs follow the same future-ready curriculum with different levels of mastery, based on the duration of the program. At School of Humanity, you learn through real-world challenges. You embark on an interdisciplinary journey where you learn by making connections across disciplines.

Every session, workshop, activity, and conversation is guided by the curriculum's explicit set of learning outcomes captured in what we call Human Literacies Framework. These literacies, when met, ensure that you are truly future-ready.

All of the essential Literacies

Our Human Literacies Framework comprises the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that learners need to thrive and contribute to the world of both today and tomorrow.

They represent what we will learn, measure, and evidence throughout any given learning journey in all four of our programs and serve as the requirement for graduation from our four-year High School.

We also benchmark some areas of our framework against other curricula (such as AP, European qualifications framework) to ensure global acceptance and recognition.

Explore our Literacies

Our Human Literacies Framework places equal emphasis on "hard skills" such as mathematical reasoning, scientific literacy, and technological skills - and "soft skills" such as emotional intelligence, communication, and problem-solving.

The result is "whole human" development, and a readiness to take on whatever your future holds The measure is your Mastery across every aspect of the curriculum.

Click on a domain on the left to learn more about our standards in that area:

Choose your own mission

Everyone's journey is different. This is why at School of Humanity, you will have lots of options for how you can meet learning outcomes.

Every term, you will embark on a different Challenge that becomes ultimately personalized to you. Over the course of the term, you will learn by tackling a real-world Challenge.

Imagine learning math by designing space habitats, learning biology through nature-inspired design or developing literary skills by exploring activism through art.

This is how we learn at School of Humanity - through projects and real-world Challenges.

What about Math, English
and Science?

Our learners develop both foundational and advanced literacies from English, Math, and Science in an interdisciplinary way rather than via individual silos of subjects. We guide learners on how to communicate effectively, think scientifically, and apply mathematical reasoning in a way that is relevant to today’s world.

Here’s how our learners study traditional subjects in an interdisciplinary way:

An interdisciplinary approach and way of thinking

We know that it takes interdisciplinary thinking to understand our world, think creatively, and develop solutions to humanity's most pressing challenges.

That's why our learners get to apply transferrable skills across multiple disciplines.

Flourishing for you, and for

The central tenet of School of Humanity's curriculum and model is the belief that a learner's self-love, self-understanding, and self-confidence are key to their future success in every format.

That is why in our weekly Flourishing workshops, we develop skills that allow us to:

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A personalized journey that prepares you for the future

At School of Humanity, we understand that each learner’s journey is unique. We ensure that learners meet all requirements needed for their future career paths through individual advisory sessions.

This is how we ensure future success for our learners:

Traditional Universities

by ensuring curriculum benchmarking and recognized transcripts. We also offer learners the option to “convert” their transcript into a GPA transcript or take Advanced Placement exams.

Progressive Universities

through Mastery Transcript and a portfolio of projects as proof of interdisciplinary learning, accompanied by partnerships with progressive universities and institutions

Direct to

by developing a robust portfolio of past projects and internship experiences alongside a strong personal brand, professional network and meaningful life skills

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

by developing entrepreneurial experiences throughout high school through challenge-based learning, and networking opportuities with leading founders and industry experts.

Frequently asked questions

While our curriculum is unique and interdisciplinary – it still covers the key high-school level skills in numeracy, communication, and scientific literacy. Learners also have the option of advancing to high levels of mastery in all of the above.

We don’t ignore P.E, Drama or Art in our core curriculum. Our facilitators do regular check-ins with learners to ensure that the learner is maintaining a healthy amount of physical activity and support them on their fitness goals.

Learners always have the opportunity to develop creative, artistic or theatrical solutions or projects during challenge paths.

We are also working on partnering with sports, drama and art hubs around the world to provide full-time learners with in-person experiences in these domains – so watch this space!

Not necessarily! We place equal emphasis on the arts and humanities, ensuring there is something for everyone – regardless of their area of interest.

Our Literacies are informed by the most in-demand skills in the emerging workforce, the catalysts for a meaningful life, and the requirements for human progress. Our curriculum and approach are informed by evidence-based practices and expert views on the future of education – including research from OECD, World Economic Forum, and World Bank.

Our programs are designed for learners ages 14 to 18, which is often equivalent to grades 9 to 12. However, our competency-based model means that learners can progress through the curriculum and master the standards at a pace that works best for them.

Yes, but with different requirements and degrees of Mastery depending on the length of the program. For example, during our 6-week summer school program, we don’t expect learners to accomplish the same level of mastery of standards as our 4-year high school.

An inspiring path to mastery

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Explore our inspiring learning model at School of Humanity.

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