our approach

Because questions are often better than answers

Most traditional high schools rely on lectures and individual assignments
focused on discrete and theoretical topics.
We don't believe in this model.

School of Humanity uses interdisciplinary, personalized learning paths and constant query to create real-world connections and enable deeper understanding.

Each learning path consists of workshops, mentorship sessions, and learning activities that are designed to imbue you with the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors you'll need to thrive in the world.

How our approach is different
from traditional schools

We redesign the high school experience in order to better serve humanity and you.

Curiosity-driven learning

Choose your own mission through a variety of learning paths that are personalized to you.

Interdisciplinary paths

Meet varied and exciting curriculum outcomes by embarking on interdisciplinary learning paths.

Competency- Based

Progress through the curriculum based on ability, not age. Move at a pace that works best for you.


Combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning providing you with balance and time for creative flow.

Learners from around
the world love our approach

Our learners consistently tell us how much they appreciate our meaningful, inspiring, and social learning model.

We've designed a learning experience that enables you to learn while forming deep bonds with your peers and making a difference in the world.

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with the option of hybrid

Learners also have the option to participate from co-learning spaces in select cities globally at an additional fee.

These spaces provide an optional opportunity for learners to socialize with other learners, with adult supervision and on-site learning support - as well as providing equitable access to wifi and resources.

Choose your own mission, through personalized learning

We don't believe in rigid courses and spoon-feeding information. Our learning paths are guided personalized interdisciplinary experiences. Instead of subjects or courses, learners participate in a variety of learning paths.

Challenge Paths

Meet learning outcomes by developing entrepreneurial, technological, and/or creative solutions to real-world challenges.

Skill Paths

Develop a range of "hard" and "soft" skills to prepare for the jobs of the future.

Career Paths

Learn by experience a job or industry of the future through internships and industry challenges.

Inclusive Learning Environment

Our model is designed to accommodate young minds with special learning differences to cater for all types of talents.

Personalized Learning

Flexible and adaptable teaching, learning, and assessments.

Wellbeing & Flourishing

We develop skills that promote presence, self-awareness, and focus.

Purpose Driven

The learning journey is based on student interest, passion, and autonomy.

What the School of Humanity is not

We are not
a STEM-only school.

We offer an interdisciplinary curriculum with equal emphasis on the humanities because we believe that the fastest way to collective and individual success is to be wholly human.

We are not
an elite school.

Exclusion is the antithesis of our mission and model. We are open to all and do our best to make our tuition affordable for all.

We are not
focused on a specific region

We serve learners around the world, and in doing so foster greater global literacy, an increasingly essential capacity.

We are not
an online-only school.

We believe in the importance of physical human connection when possible, which is why we offer a hybrid model for learners based near co-learning spaces in major global cities

We are not
focused only on university prep.

While it's important (and indeed, our learners have access to university counseling) it's not always the right next step for every learner. Our pathways prepare learners for the outcome that's best for them, from starting a company to exploring a vocation or simply getting a job.

We are not
a spoon-feeder of content.

We know spoon-feeding does not work and it's demotivating to most learners. Our approach is based on active engagement, interdisciplinary learning paths that incorporate workshops, mentoring, and both synchronous and asynchronous online activities.

Distance learning without the distance

Our online-first model means that learners can enroll in the School of Humanity from anywhere in the world, and engage in the ways that work for them and their family schedules.

Unlike other online platforms, ours provides some critical features that ensure meaningful interactions, effective collaborations, and social exchange.

The five features that really matter:

A better way to assess progress

Traditional high schools default to discrete testing and exams to determine learner progress, resulting in an unhealthy focus on rote memorization versus knowledge realization.

The School of Humanity treats the assessment process as an essential counterpart to the learning process, by tracking the mastery of the curriculum (learning outcomes) through real-time, meaningful, project-based assessments.


Master the curriculum and progress based on ability, not age.

Industry Standards

Our learning outcomes align with the needs of the workforce.


Projects, activities, interviews, presentations and much more.

Personalized Evaluations

Assessing skill attainment in a variety of meaningful ways.

Real-world experience, compassionate guides

Every School of Humanity program benefits from a highly curated team of learning facilitators (aka teachers) and industry mentors who are responsible for program delivery, deep learner engagement, and optimal learner progress.

Facilitators and mentors work hand in hand to ensure that every cohort is tracking against the learning outcomes defined in the Human Development Standards.

Facilitators are recruited for both teaching and facilitation experience and a deep commitment to supporting the development of long minds

Mentors are recruited for the depth and breadth of their real-world industry experience and the gift of guiding others.

Learners love our approach

We love what we do, and we believe you should too.

The ability to become future-ready will increasingly be based on your love of learning, on your love of who you are, and your love for humanity. We are here to help you figure all that out.

Frequently asked questions

There are many things that make us different to a traditional school.

Instead of courses, learners embark on interdisciplinary learning paths. These are guided journeys involving workshops, mentorship experiences, and learning activities. In challenge paths, the learning is guided by solving a global challenge. During skill paths, learners develop powerful skills through projects. During career paths, learners experience jobs of the future.

We don’t assess learning through traditional standardized exams. Instead our assessments are meaningful, project-based, and open to personalization. Our assessments are also aligned with how skills are currently being assessed in the workforce.

There are no subjects at the School of Humanity. Instead our curriculum is fully interdisciplinary and places emphasis on instilling values, competencies, and mindsets.

Our faculty consists of inspiring learning facilitators and industry expert mentors.

While our model is fully online, it is still designed to be interactive, social, and personalized. Additionally, learners get access to co-learning spaces in select cities.

A typical day consists of live workshops, sessions with your mentor, and interactive learning models. There is a balance of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning. While some sessions are at fixed times, learners also get flexibility in their schedule should they need it.

Our model is also based on evidence-based methodologies and the latest findings from science of learning.

It is designed, led and governed by experts in education, with over a century of collective experience in designing, leading and validating new education models. We regularly test our pedagogy and curriculum through pilot programs.

School of Humanity’s education model is based on proven pedagogy and education models, including: Challenge-based LearningSolutionary EducationInquiry-based Learning and Competency-based learning.

Depends on the session! Our industry mentorship sessions include no more than 4 learners. Our workshops have no more than 15 learners. Learners also participate in 1:1 calls with their learning facilitators every week.

Learners have the option to participate from co-learning spaces in select cities globally at an additional fee. These spaces provide an optional opportunity for learners to socialize with other learners, with adult supervision and on-site learning support – as well as providing equitable access to wifi and resources.

The weekly experience

With a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning, the weekly schedules of learners at the School of Humanity are designed for balance, wellbeing, and creative flow.

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