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Learning driven by positive global impact

We've designed a learning model where learning is incentivized by a desire to better oneself, and better the world.

Future-ready portfolios

Instead of focussing on grades and one-off exam results, we focus on the outcomes that matter the most, your readiness for university, future careers, and most importantly, a meaningful life.

You'll graduate with:

Compelling portfolio

of projects and real-life work experiences

global network

of mentors and peers

Essential competencies

along with mindsets, and behaviors


about your purpose, meaning, and goals in life

Hear our learners talk about
their solutions

We don't believe in spoon-feeding information - but rather facilitating curiosity-driven learning. On our challenge paths, learners develop their competencies by designing solutions to local or global challenges. Explore some of these solutions below:

Sophia Nascimento Silva

Using robotics to produce oxygen on Mars

Sophia brings chemistry and robotics together with the mission of designing a human settlement on Mars.

Makayla Robillard

Policy recommendations to improve mental health

Makayla takes a systems thinking approach to design a policy recommendation for her hometown.

Abdullah Obeidat

Educational & secure crypto Wallets

Abdullah applies financial literacy to create a new type of wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Jana Eissa

Designing A.I models that detect child abuse

Jana applies machine learning to create a system that would detect and prevent child abuse.

Srimayi Vinod

Geo-location device for Alzheimers

Srimayi uses her technology skills to design and create a geo-location device to help those with alzheimers.

Rania Hashim

Using biomarkers to advance female health

Rania uses her knowledge of biology and technology to design a solution to detect endometriosis non-invasively.

Vinicius da Costa & Zaina Abu hamdi

Crypto-education in Portuguese & Arabic

Zaina and Vinicius collaborate to create educational content about crypto in Arabic & portuges

Maria Souza

An app to help adolescent mental health

Maria applies UX/UI skills to design an app that would help adolescent mental health.

Jasmine Baldev Raj

Accessible Smart Contracts

Jasmine uses blockchain programming to create a more affordable system for creating smart contracts.

Explore our learners' creative and
intellectual contributions

We encourage learners to create as much information as they consume.
This may be in the form of written articles, educational videos, or other contributions to the landscape of ideas.

Explore Flourishing

Schools should be a place where we explore the self, develop existential intelligence, and find a path to greater meaning in life.

This is why we place significant emphasis on human flourishing through sessions
where we explore the science of human happiness and regular activities
that allow us to practice mindfulness.

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For high school graduates looking to grow prior to university or employment

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