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Learning driven by positive global impact

We've designed a learning model where learning is incentivized by a desire to better oneself, and better the world.

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We believe in facilitating curiosity-driven learning.
On our Challenges, learners develop their skills by designing solutions to local or global Challenges. Explore some of these solutions below:

Brielle Luis

Inefficient Food Waste Management in Restaurants

Brielle creates an AI-powered app that connects fertilizer companies to restaurants.

Lal-ain Anees

The Power of Media and Films

Lal-ain deep-dives into the influence of films and media on forming stereotypes.

Sofia Sharkova

Solar Power Outputs During the Winter

Sofia programs an AI model to avoid solar power losses during the winter in the Nordics.

Arthur Isaac Templeman-Lilley

SYSTEMATIC: Shifting our Value System

Arthur creates a a 3-month community program to shift the value system and tackle generational poverty.

Hejab Sahibzada

Collective Illusions in Online Spaces

Hejab uses storytelling and podcasting to overcome collective illusions.

Carina Bariso

Climate change misinformation and denial

Carina tackles climate change misinformation on social media by designing a VR solution.

Valentine Ogbonna

Adverse effects of pollution on children with ADHD 

Valentine writes a research proposal on using CRISPR to treat children suffering from ADHD in highly polluted areas.


Sophia Nascimento Silva

Robotics to produce oxygen on Mars

Sophia brings chemistry and robotics together with the mission of designing a human settlement on Mars.

Rania Hashim

Using biomarkers to advance female health

Rania uses her knowledge of biology and technology to design a solution to detect endometriosis non-invasively.

Mahra Alraisi

Biomimicry robot for ocean cleanup

Mahra shares her story and passion for the ocean and tells us about her nature-inspired ocean-cleaning robot.

Faris Saadaat

Education for Sustainable Agriculture

Faris shares his vision for sustainable agriculture, and how his academy can get us there.

Adam, Dhruv, Priyanka and Aljazia

Science through virtual reality

A group of our inspiring learners share their journey in creating a virtual world that teaches learners science.

Check out learner portfolios

We guide our learners to develop a portfolio of projects and solutions.
These portfolios allow learners to showcase artifacts of their learning journey at School of Humanity and beyond.

Larissa Moreira

Interested in sustainable development, technology and equitable access.

Arthur Templeman-Lilly

Passionate about human and children’s rights

Sidhi Sahreen

Immersed in biomedicine, youth activism and art

Priyanka Karamchandani

Passionate about programming and VR

Murtaza Boriyawala

Passionate about space exploration, engineering and innovation.

Dalia Abdulthabet

Exploring biotechnology, future of medicine and organizational skills.

Kaelyn Dias

Passionate about sustainability, medical technology and future of medicine.

Mahra Alraisi

Interested in biomimicry, ocean conservation sustainability and 3D design. 

Daniel Nasri

Passionate about biotechnology, equitable futures and human wellbeing.

Explore The Flourishing Curriculum

Schools should be a place where we explore the self, develop existential intelligence, and find a path to greater meaning in life.

This is why we place significant emphasis on Human Flourishing through sessions
where we explore the science of human happiness and regular activities
that allow us to practice mindfulness.

Explore our learners' creative and
intellectual contributions

We encourage learners to create as much information as they consume.
This may be in the form of written articles, educational videos, or other contributions to the landscape of ideas.

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