Reinventing Education

School of Humanity is a response to global calls for new school models.

Our revolutionary education model is designed by award-winning experts and governed by experienced school leaders.

We have reinvented what, how, why, and where learning happens.


Learn by solving local and global challenges. 

Unique Curriculum

Informed by human progress and the evolving workforce.


Inspiring Mentorship

Our educators are global leaders, and trailblazers.


Student-led learning that cultivates creativity and flow. 

How we Learn

Our Model

The School of Humanity offers an online high school learning experience like no other.


Our Learners Love The Model

“For a person like me who likes more hands-on, communicative, and explorative learning, this curriculum is excellent. The model enables you to go beyond the classroom and do independent or collaborative research and learning. It doesn't find you feeling stuck or bored.”
“I loved the structure of the learning journey. There was just the right amount of interaction and learning. It was a really fun experience and the activities really got me thinking. I gained a I got a lot of insights from my fellow learners.”
“The sessions were so engaging and the curriculum is very innovative. I love that all the workshop facilitators were so interested in what they were teaching. The flourishing sessions were also a great way for us learners to get to know each other.

How we Learn

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

At the School of Humanity, we develop skills and solve challenges from the angles of multiple disciplines. Learners develop numeracy, scientific, creative, and communication skills in an interdisciplinary way.

Whether you are most excited by STEM, the arts or the humanities, we cater to all interests and passions through our interdisciplinary learning paths. 

& Flow States

Skill Path

VR Development

Skill Path

Systems Thinking & Change

Skill Path

Food Security

Challenge Path

Future of Money

Challenge Path

& Well-being

Skill Path

Impact Investing

Career Path

Data Analyst

Career Path

The Learning Journey

Every 6 weeks, our learners embark on an interdisciplinary learning path of their choice. 

Throughout the path, learners participate in workshops, mentorship sessions, and active learning experiences. 

They collaborate with their peers globally. 

Learning outcomes are regularly assessed through meaningful assessments.

Each learning path is customized to the learner and driven by their curiosity. 


What we Learn

Over 600 Skills, Concepts & Mindsets

We focus on the transferrable skills that matter the most in a world of accelerating change. 

Over the course of the learning paths, our learners develop over 600 skills and mindsets under the following domains:

Conceptual Skills

Learners develop creativity, problem-solving, and innovation skills as they develop solutions to global challenges. They practice critical thinking and logical reasoning every day.

Emotional Intelligence

We guide learners to develop self-awareness, empathy, and meaningful relationships. Our curriculum enables self-actualization and flourishing in life.

Scientific Literacy

We develop science as a way of thinking, through mental models from the biological, chemical, and physical world. We cultivate inquiry skills and practice the scientific method.

Communication Skills

Learners develop powerful visual, verbal, written, and digital communication skills. This includes professional writing, public speaking, personal branding, and storytelling.

Technology Skills

Learners explore the latest trends in technology and develop technical skills in an area of their choice such as A.I, 3D-printing, Robotics, Virtual Reality and much more.

Morality & Ethics

We explore practical ethics and moral philosophy through application to current issues in our world. We learn how to transcend moral tribes and expand our circle of concern.

Numeracy Skills

In addition to fundamental numeracy skills, learners develop mathematical reasoning. We place emphasis on data literacy, financial literacy, and everyday maths. 

Existential Intelligence

We practice mindfulness and presence. We explore the nature of consciousness, reality, and the self. We take a cosmic perspective and explore the story of our species.

Why We Learn

Purpose-driven Learning

Learning at the School of Humanity is incentivized by a desire to better oneself, and in the process, better the world.

We learn in order to:

Why We Learn

Meaningful Assessments

We give learners an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills in ways that align with their inner creativity and talent.


Master the curriculum and progress based on ability, not age.

Industry Standards

Our learning outcomes align with the needs of the workforce.


Projects, activities, interviews, presentations and much more.

Personalized Evaluations

Assessing skill attainment in a variety of meaningful ways.

How We Learn

Flexible Schedules

How We Learn

Inclusive Learning Environment

Our model is designed to accommodate young minds with special learning differences to cater for all types of talents. 

Personalized Learning

Flexible and adaptable teaching, learning, and assessments

WellBeing & Flourishing

We develop skills that promote presence, self-awareness, and focus


The learning journey is based on student interest, passion, and autonomy

Where We Learn

A Global School

Our fully-online model means that learners can join the School of Humanity from anywhere in the world.

Our model offers flexibility and location-freedom for learners and their families.

Our Online Platform

We believe that even online learning should be interactive, inspiring, and social. 

The online learning experience includes:

Dubai, UAE

Amsterdam, Netherlands

New York, US

Capetown, South Africa

Where We Learn

Co-learning Spaces

Available from Fall 2021.

While our model is fully online, learners can choose to participate online from co-learning spaces in cities around the world, where they receive support from our educators and an opportunity to engage with other learners.

Our open enrollment system means that learners can participate in any co-learning space, anywhere in the world.

Want to see a co-learning space in your city? Let us know in the interest form.

Informed by Global Expertise

Our model is informed by evidence-based practices and expert views on the future of education.

Explore the following resources to gain deeper insights into our underlying philosophy. Click on the images to learn more.

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