An Online High School Like No Other

Designed to equip learners to solve global challenges, thrive in the industries of the future and live a meaningful life. 

Full-time & part-time programs available. 

Join the education revolution.

Revolutionary Learning Experience

An online high school where learners develop future fluencies and mindsets by embarking on interdisciplinary learning paths.

Challenge-based Learning

Learn by solving local and global challenges and develop a portfolio of projects.

Industry Mentorship

Prepare for the jobs of the future by learning from inspiring industry experts.


Experience an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes transferrable skills and mindsets.


Engaging live sessions combined with interactive self-directed learning.

Future-Ready Youth

We don’t just prepare learners to pass tests. We equip them with the skills and mindsets required to thrive in a world of accelerating change. 

Our Learners graduate with:


What Our Learners Are Saying

“This schooling model truly prepares one for the future. Instead of traditional education, which is to learn a fact and then memorize it, the School of Humanity model focuses on using those concepts and connecting it to reality.”
“I got a burst of amazing information that I cannot get from anywhere else. The topics are mind-blowing. The activities allowed me to see the future in a whole new way. In every moment of the session I was learning something new.”
"I really enjoyed the workshops. They were so engaging and I learned so much. The curriculum topics expanded our knowledge and prepared us for the future. I think that the model of this school will be amazing!"

Learning to Flourish

Our education model is designed to cultivate meaning, purpose and wellbeing. We guide learners to: 

Skill-based Curriculum

We develop and measure future literacies and powerful mindsets through our skill-based curriculum.

Over the course of their high school experience, our learners develop over 600 hard and soft skills and mindsets under the following domains.

 Below is just a high-level summary of our expansive learning outcomes:


Reasoning & Logic
Creative Thinking
Innovation Skills
Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Meaningful Relationships
Global Collaboration
Executive Functioning

Meaning & Fulfillment


Computational Thinking
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality
Data Science
Digital Design

Existential Intelligence

Story of Our Species
Cosmic Perspectives
Consciousness & Self
Flow States


Inquiry Skills
Paradigm Thinking
Mental Models
Scientific Method
Emerging Science


Professional Writing
Conversation Skills
Personal Branding
Digital Networking


Numeracy Essentials
Financial Literacy
Data Analysis
Numerical Reasoning
Everyday Maths

& Ethics

Moral Philosophy
Practical Ethics
Enlightenment Values
Global Issues
Technology Ethics

A Typical Week

A typical week for a learner at the School of Humanity consists of workshops, mentorship sessions, and interactive multi-media learning. There is a balance of live workshops, and self-paced learning modules.



Live Workshops

Interactive workshops & live sessions in every learning path. These workshops consist of group activities, discussions, games & collaborative exercises.


Interactive Learning Modules

Our self-paced interactive modules allow you to learn actively through multimedia content, complemented by activities and projects.


Flourishing Activities

Daily activities on self-discovery, purpose-building, mindfulness, life skills, and other tools to enable self-actualization. 


Meaningful Assessments

Instead of one summative and standardized exam, we regularly assess learning through meaningful activities and formative assessments.


Mentorship Sessions

Receive guidance and empowerment from  global leaders. Our faculty consists of industry experts and inspiring educators.


Community Meetups & Socials

We organize regular in-person community meet ups with learners from the same city and annual gatherings for the entire cohort.


We welcome full-time and part-time learners from all around the world. All of our programs are designed for high school learners (between ages 13-18). Younger gifted learners are welcome to apply. 

We offer partial and full need-based scholarships for all of our programs. Please do not let the pricing hold you back from registering your interest.  


Full-time School

For learners dissatisfied with the current education system and looking for an exciting alternative.
$ 800 /Month
  • Program duration of 2-4 years
  • 25+ hours commitment every week
  • High school diploma with Mastery transcript
  • Combination live & self-paced learning

Part-time Program

For learners in traditional schools or homeschooling families who want to supplement their formal education.
$ 350 /Month
  • Flexible duration, minimum of 2 months
  • 10+ hours commitment every week
  • Certificate of participation with skill & project transcript
  • Combination of live & self-paced learning

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Who is it for?

Our program is designed for learners who are:

Our Model & Curriculum

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