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Our Organization

The School of Humanity is an online high school with an innovative model and interdisciplinary curriculum. We have reimagined and reinvented what, why, where, and how learning happens. During our programs, students learn by solving global challenges, tackling real-life projects, and develop future-proof competencies. We offer learners globally a creative alternative to traditional high school education.

Our mission is to reinvent our global education system in order to better serve humanity. We see education as a tool to tackle the root causes of global issues. We develop curriculum and learning experiences that empower learners to live a meaningful life, and tackle global challenges.

We offer both! Our online high school program is designed for learners who are looking for a full alternative to traditional education. Alternatively, you can apply to our summer school or part-time high school programs if you are looking to supplement your existing formal education. 

Our programs are designed for learners between the age of 13 and 18.

However, we welcome younger gifted students as we believe in ability, not age. We also welcome older learners (approaching 18).

Online Summer School

Our summer school program is 6 weeks long. There are up to 3 hours of live workshops each day, four days a week (Monday thru Thursday). 

Beyond the live workshops, learners also participate in self-paced interactive learning modules, interdisciplinary learning paths and projects in their own time. 

On average, learners will have to commit between 16-20 hours every week to the program.

 Our 6-week summer school program is priced at $900. We offer flexible financing and need-based scholarships every year for all of our programs. If you can not afford our program, please do not let the pricing stop you from applying.

You can apply to our summer school program here.

Before you apply, please review the details about the program here. You can also schedule an information session with our team here. 

Online High School

Our full-time high school program takes approximately 4 years to complete for a learner joining at age 13. However, there are accelerated pathways available for older learners who wish to complete the program in a shorter period of time. We allow learners to complete the program at a pace that works best for them. 

We also offer flexible part-time pathways for learners who wish to be involved on an extracurricular capacity. 

Our full-time high school program pricing starts at $800/month for a minimum of 10 months a year. There are additional fees for access to co-learning spaces. 

We offer flexible financing and need-based scholarships every year for all of our programs. If you can not afford our program, please do not let the pricing stop you from applying. 

Applications for our full-time and part-time high school programs open summer of 2021. You can pre-register your interest here, in order to be informed as soon as applications open.

Once you complete the interest form, our team will be in touch with further details about the program when applications open. You will also have the opportunity to schedule Q&A calls with our team.

Our Model

There are many things that make us different to a traditional school.

Instead of courses, learners embark on interdisciplinary learning paths. These are guided journeys involving workshops, mentorship experiences, and learning activities. In challenge paths, the learning is guided by solving a global challenge. During skill paths, learners develop powerful skills through projects. During career paths, learners experience jobs of the future.

We don’t assess learning through traditional standardized exams. Instead our assessments are meaningful, project-based, and open to personalization. Our assessments are also aligned with how skills are currently being assessed in the workforce.

There are no subjects at the School of Humanity. Instead our curriculum is fully interdisciplinary and places emphasis on instilling values, competencies, and mindsets. 

Our faculty consists of inspiring learning facilitators and industry expert mentors. 

While our model is fully online, it is still designed to be interactive, social, and personalized. Additionally, learners get access to co-learning spaces in select cities.

A typical day consists of live workshops, sessions with your mentor and interactive learning models. There is a balance of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning. While some sessions are at fixed times, learners also get flexibility in their schedule should they need it.

Our model is fully online. However, learners get access to co-learning spaces in select cities at an additional fee of $150/month. Here, they can receive support and supervision from on-site educators. Participation from co-learning spaces is optional.

Depends on the session! Our industry mentorship sessions include no more than 5 learners. Our workshops have no more than 15 learners. Learners also participate in 1:1 calls with their learning facilitators every week. 

Learning is regularly assessed through a variety of formative and meaningful assessments. Assessment types include projects, peer-review, presentations, creative expressions, internships, collaborative goals and much more! Learners also have the option of demonstrating learning in personalized ways.

The School of Humanity adopts the Mastery Transcript, a globally recognized alternative transcript. Instead of subject-based grades, the Mastery Transcript catalogs mastery of specific skills, backed by a portfolio of projects. It provides a more meaningful and holistic overview of a learner’s strengths and interests. You can learn more about the mastery transcript here.

We don’t ignore P.E, drama or art in our core curriculum. Our facilitators do regular check-ins with learners to ensure that the learner is maintaining a healthy amount of physical activity and support them on their fitness goals.

Learners always have the opportunity to develop creative, artistic or theatrical solutions or projects during challenge paths. 

We are also working on partnering with sports, drama and art hubs around the world to provide full-time learners with in-person experiences in these domains – so watch this space! 

Governance & Accreditation

We are licensed to issue high school diplomas and are on the path to international accreditation. 

Our leadership and board of advisors constitute of experienced school leaders, education policymakers, and serial entrepreneurs.

Our model is also based on evidence-based methodologies and the latest findings from science of learning.

It is designed, led and governed by experts in education, with over a century of collective experience in designing, leading and validating new education models. We regularly test our pedagogy and curriculum through pilot programs. 

School of Humanity’s education model is based on proven pedagogy and education models, including: Challenge-based Learning, Solutionary Education, Inquiry-based Learning and Competency-based learning

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