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A personalized journey that prepares you for the future

Every learner's post-graduation path is different. We prepare learners for successful university admission as well as for entrepreneurial and industry pursuits.

Meaningful guidance
unique to you

After School of Humanity, our learners go on to do many different things. We collaborate with learners to help them set and achieve their personal goals.

Our High School program offers personalized career and university guidance realized through weekly Pathway Advisory sessions.

These sessions are an essential part of their learning journey as they encourage learners and parents to prepare for life after School of Humanity.

Insightful career &
university advisory

Every week, learners participate in group Advisory sessions where we cover a range of topics such as:

Over the course of 3 or 4 years of Pathway Advisory, learners are expected to graduate from School of Humanity with truly future-ready skills and a better compass to navigate their future pathways.

Potential life pathways after
School of Humanity

Traditional Universities

We ensure successful enrolment into traditional education by benchmarking our curriculum and providing recognized transcripts.


How we support learners interested in this pathway:


  • International accreditation of our high school diploma
  • possibility to convert our Mastery Transcript to a GPA-transcript
  • offer to take AP exams in grades 10 and 11, with advanced electives being benchmarked against them
  • opportunity to take university courses in partnership with university partners

Progressive Universities

Graduates from School of Humanity are a great match for progressive and innovative higher education globally.


Our interdisciplinary learning and university partnerships ensure a smooth application process into progressive universities.


How we support learners interested in this pathway:


  • Partnerships with many progressive universities globally
  • Communications with other progressive universities for alumni support
  • Identifying universities that accept the Mastery Transcript (over 200 universities globally)

Direct to Industry

Our school is a great choice for learners who wish to take a gap year or enter the workforce right after high school.


Our learners graduate with vast industry experience and an extensive portfolio of projects and micro-internships.


How we support learners interested in this pathway:


  • Providing all learners with industry connections and mentorship
  • Development of a portfolio of projects and solutions
  • Curating micro-internships, case studies, and industry connections for all learners
  • Ensuring learners can develop workforce-ready skills, knowledge, and dispositions
  • Training and developing throughout high school on interview skills, portfolio development, resume and portfolio building, and much more.

Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Learners at School of Humanity tackle real-world challenges and exercise problem-solving skills which then translate into a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, Flourishing sessions and relevant skills path advance their personal growth.


How we support learners interested in this pathway:


  • Extended mentorship and coaching for entrepreneurship in the final year
  • Development of a portfolio of projects and solutions
  • Development of key entrepreneurial skills, dispositions, and knowledge
  • Support for entry towards entrepreneurship and incubator programs for our learners
  • Development of industry-grade credentials

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