After School Program

Find clarity, confidence and future-readiness

Ascend is our certificate-bearing After School program for learners (ages 13-18) around the world. This is an opportunity to join us part-time to be more prepared for a world of increasing complexity.

This online-first program helps you develop the competencies, mindsets, and behaviors required to flourish and contribute to human progress.

6 Months

Advance at your own pace

8+ hours/week

Time commitment

Your personalized launchpad towards a meaningful future

Our programs naturally support graduates in the college admission and job application process:

Upcoming cohorts & start dates

There are three start dates every year for incoming learners. You can select your preferred time cohort and zone for live sessions in the application form.

January 15th 2022

Online, global

Application deadline for this cohort:
December 23rd 2021

Open to learners from around the world

September 18th 2022

Online, global

Application deadline for this
cohort: August 30th 2022

Open to learners from around the world

January 15th 2023

Online, global

Application deadline for this cohort:
December 23rd 2022

Open to learners from around the world

Not your typical After School program

Instead of courses or pedantic lectures, learn by embarking on interdisciplinary paths that emphasize the competencies, mindsets & behaviors most relevant to today's world.

Creating solutions to local and
global challenges.

Learn by designing solutions to
humanity's most pressing challenges -
by embarking on challenge paths.

Develop the most essential competencies for today's world.

Develop the hard and soft skills
required to contribute to the world - by embarking on our skill paths.

Learn through internships & real-life work experiences.

Experience micro-internships and real-
life challenges set by participating in our career paths.

Choose your own mission through
personalized learning

We don't believe in rigid courses and spoon-feeding information. Our learning paths are guided personalized interdisciplinary experiences. Instead of subjects or courses, learners participate in a variety of learning paths.

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Collaborate with passionate humans

Enrolling in our programs means embarking on a meaningful, inspiring, and relevant educational path while making friends from around the world!

Learn with leading organizations
and industry expertise

Our mentors, facilitators, and speakers come from leading organizations.

A life and resume builder

Learners who meet all learning outcomes will receive a School of Humanity certificate as both proof of learning and as a mastery transcript with a portfolio of projects.

A journey that will help you find clarity about your future

Over the course of every 6-month learning cycle, you can expect to develop
new competencies, tackle local/global challenges and participate in micro-

An inspiring learning model

Our online-first model is designed to be engaging, inspiring, and meaningful.

We don't believe in lectures. Instead, you can expect to learn through personalized learning journeys and collaborative activities. Learners participate in a combination of synchronous & asynchronous learning every day.

There are four hours of live sessions every week, combined with a variety of self-paced learning activities and projects.

Our model allows for personalized learning paths, where you can master the curriculum at a pace that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our program is fully online – which means that learners can apply from anywhere in the world! Please note, you have to be fluent in english in order to participate.

Learners graduate the program with:

  • Skill transcript demonstrating the competencies, mindsets and behaviors that were gained during the program
  • A network of friends and industry mentors
  • A portfolio of projects
  • Experience showcase and presenting their work at a global event

We do not offer merit-based scholarships at this time. However, we do offer financial aid to learners who can not afford our programs. This would entail a partial or full discount on tuition. You can apply for financial aid

We don’t believe in standardized summative exams. Instead, we regularly evaluate and evidence learning through projects, actives and micro-assessments.

A minimum of 8 hours every week. Our program is rigorous and rewarding. In order to get powerful outcomes, learners need to participate whole-heartedly and put in the time. We do not recommend applying if you can not commit the minimum time requirements.

We take a week off for Christmas and New Years. Otherwise, you can expect to have sessions every week.

Yes! You can participate in multiple 6-month learning cycles and do different challenge or skill paths each time.

No, we offer a range of timings for our live sessions, which means you can join us after school hours.

Learners are also expected to participate in 80% of live sessions to graduate from the program.

No worries! We make exceptions for younger gifted learners.

We run live sessions at multiple time zones. You can indicate your interest in specific timings when applying in our program.

Learners do not need to have any pre-requisite knowledge in the paths they picked. However, this is a high-school level program – which means you have to have minimum of 9th grade equivalency in numeracy, english and science to participate.

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